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Important Note

In TUNE workshops, Nilgün Sarar teaches the necessary information to become a TUNE practitioner. After successfully completing the workshop, participants will receive a TUNE Practitioner Certificate. TUNE is not an officially recognized health or medical therapy. Accordingly, TUNE practitioners must not diagnose or treat any health challenges. Nilgün Sarar alone is qualified to offer TUNE training and to issue the TUNE Practitioner Certificate in Turkey and Europe. TUNE may authorize individuals to record video and take photographs during workshops. This visual or audio-visual material maybe used on the TUNE website and for other promotional purposes. TUNE is a registered trademark of Nilgün Sarar. It can under no circumstance be copied duplicated or shared without consent of Nilgün Sarar. All rights are reserved.

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Do you wish to heal your family, friends and environment?

Do you wish to cleanse yourself from disease and discomfort?

Do you wish to improve and heal your life?

It is the right time to attend a TUNE workshop!



TUNE®, Nilgün Sarar’ın tescilli markasıdır. Hiç bir şekilde kopyalanamaz ,taklit edilemez , izin alınmadan kaynak gösterilemez. Tüm hakları saklıdır